Skirt Chaser 2014 Race Review

P & Myself @ Skirt Chaser 2014

On February 15, 2014 a friend and I did the Skirt Chaser.  This race has always been on my radar & I am glad to say I can finally check it off.

I mean how cool is it to be around a bunch of ladies who love to run wearing the most adorable skirts?

Right? Oh, okay the eye candy probably doesn’t hurt either. I mean you never know who your going to run into!

He COULD have been there..waiting for me.

Unfortunately on the day of the race, Arizona was experiencing a extreme warming trend and by 2pm the weather was set to hit 85 degrees.

For February that is unusually warm. Yes, even for Arizona.

I was all excited, I had a lovely skirt picked out -hence skirt chaser- to wear and a totally cute top. That is until my washing machine got hungry.

I mean I do have an HE washer whose spin cycle sounds like a Lear jet taking off in my laundry room, but I’ve never had issues with it before. However, the Universe apparently didn’t want me to wear a skirt.

So the washing machine ate it. I mean it was shredded!

Into little pieces.

I could make little outfits for Barbie’s baby, but that’s all the use I’m getting from that skirt.

So I wore capris. To the SKIRT-Chaser.

I’m a rebel with no cause.

Anywho I was set to meet my friend P who was running the race with me & we ended up getting there close to the same time, grabbed our bibs & race swag then took the trek to our cars to drop off our stuff.

Skirt Chaser 2014

Skirt Chaser Packet pick up

Skirt Chaser 2014 Goodies

Skirt Chaser 2014 Race Swag

As I had said it was super hot, and I had already drank 3 full Nalgene bottles of water, and still wanted more.

A camel I am not.

The race was way more crowded then I had anticipated & there were tons of ladies wearing really cute costumes.

Skirt Chaser 2014

Skirt Chaser 2014 Start/finish

Having not really run far (translation-run at all) for very long since the accident, and not really having had time to train, my friend was very kind to run at my pace.

The course was all along Tempe Beach park & both back-roads & streets. As we neared the finish, I saw our time and was actually pretty impressed since I felt like I walked so much. I believe our time was around a 11.5 min mile.

My finish time was 36.11 and out of 989 people I was in place 666. Yup. I came in 666th place. Apparently the devil is with me.

Just awesome.

After the race, this non-camel grabbed yet more ice water and began to hunt like a rabid animal for some oranges or something.

Our bib provided us with two drink coupons (for those who drink, it was for the ever important beer) and a meal. The meals provided were not bad, but both P and I are vegetarians and they just didn’t have anything.

Skirt chaser Beer area

Skirt Chaser Beer Station

I hope next year they consider adding a veggie meal!

I hung around for a while and listened to this hilarious cover band play heavy metal music & then I headed home.

It was a great time, and I would consider doing it next year! And next year, I am wearing a skirt! Just you watch!



Have you ever done any of the skirt chaser races? What’s your thought of running in a skirt?

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Reasons to Run, Cycle, Climb or Swim for Charity

Charity Racing

Racing for a cause

One of the things on my never-ending bucket list (#384 I think) is to complete a race for charity.

There are tons of charity events & I’m positive you’ve heard about a few; organization such as; Team in Training, or perhaps a virtual race for pretty much any cause you wish.

Or do you wanna get into a marathon without worrying about the time requirements? No problem, just enter the Boston Marathon or NYC as a charity run. (this is is SO on my list 2016??)

Would you rather do a charity bicycle race? There’s Tour De Cure or the National Multiple Sclerosis Ride to name a couple.

Recently I’ve been paying attention to climb for charity events, most likely because I ended up on some mailer & got information about them, but it did spark my interest.  Now I want to do the Fight for Air with events in London, New York City & Vegas. In Vegas, you can climb to the top of the world famous Stratosphere Hotel & I have to mention climbing the to the top of the Empire State Building.

But color me surprised when I found one I never heard about.

Swim Fast

The formation of the Foundation for Aquatic Safety and Training (F.A.S.T.) was inspired by Braxton Bilbrey, a 7 year old boy from Glendale, AZ, who focused national attention on Childhood Drowning, the “silent death.”  F.A.S.T. is an Arizona non-profit corporation and a 501(c)(3) charity.

On May 22nd 2006, Braxton became the youngest person ever to swim the treacherous 1.4 mile stretch of frigid water between the infamous Alcatraz Island and the shores of San Francisco.

I was super shocked when my friend Lisa Chyette, told me she is going to be doing this event in just a few short weeks!

In between her busy training schedule I snuck in an interview with Lisa.

Lisa Chyette Swimming GGBridge

Lisa Chyette Swimming Golden Gate Bridge

Lisa, so tell me how many times have you completed this event? This will actually be my 3rd time completing this event. It has sorta turned into a family event. The family comes out & watches, it’s really a big thing for me now.

It’s great your family gets involved now! How did you find out about this charity swim?  I swim masters with Joe Zemaitis during the week before work. Since I’ve been swimming with Joe, I learned how he formed FAST (The Foundation for Aquatic Safety and Training).

That’s amazing Lisa, but what keeps you coming back each year? I do it because I really love swimming and truly want to help prevent drowning and promote water safety.

It’s awesome to have such passion for an event like this! So which event will you be participating in? I believe there are two events correct?  Yes, and I am very excited to challenge the Bay in San Francisco. I will be participating in both swims; the swim from Alcatraz Island into Aquatic Park and the following day the length of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I think that is remarkable Lisa! What training is specifically involved for you to be able to complete these swims? I mean that is some rough water, plus it must be freezing! There are a series of trainings where we swim up to 60 minutes in Bartlett Lake during the winters in Arizona.  The group tries to simulate what our weekend will be like in San Francisco. Bartlett Lake’s water temperature is very close to what water temperatures are in the San Francisco Bay, approximately 53 degrees! Sometimes the  water drops below what it will actually be in San Francisco, making it even more challenging.

 I’m sure you will be able to handle it, since your a pro at this event! How much are you trying to raise for FAST? My goal is to raise $500 for awareness about the importance of water safety.

Lisa, I wish you the best of luck on your 3rd go around at this great event! Be sure to check out Lisa’s page here to donate for such a great cause!

Have you ever done any charity events? If so, which ones? I’d love to hear more about it!

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100 Miles 100 days

Phoenix 100 miles in 100 days contest

The Maricopa Parks created an amazing contest; complete 100 miles in 100 days in at least 3 county parks. I heard about it & totally jumped in hiking shoes first.

On one of my visits, I was talking to a ranger who told me the concept was naturally to get people out to visit parks, but specifically to  get people to visit parks they haven’t yet visited.

Ironically, it made me do just that. Even an avid hiker like myself, normally I venture to non-maricipa trails, but this forced me (in a good way) to check out the county parks.

While I’ve completed numerous of the county trails, this program motivated me to explore several parks I’d never taken the time to visit.

There was another motivator of course. There’s always another motivator.

In this case, the motivation was the grand prize of a free park pass and the event t-shirt, however, while hiking all these new to me trails, I fell in love with several of the parks & found some hidden trail gems!

Gems I say. Gems.

I had a personal goal of finishing the contest within a month or two, but life/work/the killer flu from hell interfered, but I finished with a few days to spare.

In the next few weeks, I will cover each hike I did in my journey of 100 miles/100 days.

Here is what you have to look forward to:

White Tanks:

  • Mesquite-Ford-Willow-Mesquite
  • Mule Deer -South-Goat Camp-Bajada-Mule Deer Loop
  • Mesquite-Willow-Ford-Mesquite loop
  • Black Rock Long loop to Waterfall
  • Waterfall Trail
  • Wildlife Trail
  • Ironwood

Cave Creek Regional Park

  • Go John Trail
  • Slate-Quartz-Go John
  • Clay Mine Trail
  • Slate Trail
  • Overton Trail

McDowell Mountains :

  • Scenic Trail
  • Tortoise Trail

Usery Mountain:

  • Wind Cave

Spur Cross Regional Park :

  • Dragonfly
  • Elephant Mountain-Spur Cross loop
  • Tortuga


   Do you have a favorite trail or park?



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Espirit de She Ambassador

esprit de She Race Series

Esprit de She Race Series

One of the great things my blog has afforded me is the ability to interact with others in the fitness/running community both in person and virtually.

It is also because of my blog, I’ve been given an amazing opportunity as Ambassador for Espirit de She.

Espirit de She is a premier women’s race seriesEspirit de She has all types of events; running, cycling duathlon and triathlons, with events in Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, Minnesota, Illinois and Georgia.

The next event coming up will be both the Triathlon and Duathlon on May 4th in sunny Arizona. That sounds like SO much fun, especially since it’s in my town!

Living in Arizona I can attest to the awesome weather we get here in early May, so those would be great races check out!

Last year, I  had the opportunity to volunteer at the event and was amazed at how organized the event truly is, plus the compassion this organization has towards unity among women is top notch.

When I sign up for a race, I LOVE to know what SWAG I’m going to get. Let’s check out some of the sweet swag you get for finishing the duathlon or triathlon:

Amazing finishers medal, complimentary drinks from their signature Bubbly Bar, a sweet looking Moxie Cycling Jersey & more.

I’ve already signed up for the 5k Espirit de She in Tempe which happens this October, but which event will you choose? Better yet come and run with me!

Check out their webpage here for more information & to register.

It would be great if when registering to please use code EDS49, I really do appreciate it.

Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation & the opinions written are mine created from my observations/experiences at last years race. I did receive a free race entry for this years race,  but I only support events I would do even without receiving a free entry. I am truly honored to be an ambassador for such an amazing organization that supports unity amongst women.

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Awesome 80′s 5k Fun Run

awesome 80's run Phoenix finisher's medal

Awesome 80′s run 2014 finisher’s medal

This post is a little late, but the killer flu followed by the longest lasting cold (still have it) has been wiping me out. But like they say, better late than never.

On January 11th, I went to the amazing Awesome 80’s run.
I truly thought this run was SO MUCH FUN!
I bet your wondering what made this race so much fun?
Let’s begin with the most hilarious 80’s costumes E-VER! My costume totally fell short, (as in was really lame; see pic of lame costume below) but since I know I am 100% doing this race next year, I will have like totally have the most awesomist 80’s costume for next year! And since I wrote about it on the internet I MUST do it! I must amaze and astound my mass readers! Okay I digress. On to packet pick up.

awesome 80's run costume

lame Awesome 80′s run Costume

Packet pick up :
Race day began with packet pickup & while the lines were super long, they went like totally fast. When it was like your turn they asked you if you like wanted a shirt or hat. I choose the shirt & I’m not sure how they determined what size I was to get, but I got a small. Needless to say I’m not able to get it over my head, so next year I will go with either the trucker style hat or ask for a size large shirt. This girl likes her shirts a little baggy.
After I got my bib I hung around & checked out all the runners in their costumes. This is totally a family & dog friendly race, so bring the pooch & the little ones for sure.

The Race:
The race begun right on time with a huge entertaining introduction from non-other than Michael Blackson. Haha to funny. Michael was even sporting his trademark glove & red leather jacket! Michael got the crowd grooving & shaking to the awesome 80’s dance tunes.
I am a child of the 80’s so this brought back so many memories!

80's start line

Awesome 80′s starting line

After dancing to a few songs, the race begun with Mr. Blackson (I laugh each time I say/type his name) leading the way. The course (well marked) was along the street, canal & behind the spring training stadium.

The race was advertised as a 5k but my Garmin only indicated 2.83 miles, so either it was short, or my Garmin took a nap. While there was a clock to indicate your time, this race is a fun run and NOT timed.

So what did you get for swag for this race?
Check out above for the TOTALLY TUBULAR finishers medal!
Right before you pick up that snazzy finishers medal, you can get some water & snacks.
They also have a statue of something 80’s available to take your picture with. As you can see in the picture below I hung out with my stud muffin & got a picture.

Awesome 80's run

Posing with my hot storm trooper

I would recommend staying for a little while, enjoying the music and seeing who wins a costume prize.
This race was a hoot, and while the price $45 was a bit steep, I lucked out and used the $15 off coupon code, making it your standard $30 race.
Next year, I am going to be sure to ask a bunch of my friends to go enjoy the fun with me !!


What do you think of costume races? Yaaa or Nay?

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