Running Races is Going to Break the Bank

Like many the crush the economy got has done a serious number to my salary causing me to rethink my true passions. I LOVE to run, but like many I am motivated to run better, faster, farther (think Bionic Woman) if I have a race.

Before the major change in my salary I would just sign up for a race last minute. The cost of doing a race made it more expensive but at the time it just worked for me.

When I began to notice I had to plan my year or I could NOT race, I wanted to see what else I could do to continue to race. What I am about to share still takes some extra time, but in the long run, you still get to run.

Here are some ways to save a few bucks when running races:

1- Coupon Codes- I use Retail me Not a lot. I have saved up to $30.00 on marathons and other races. I did a quick search by typing in marathon, half marathon or the actual name of the race I wish to run & I found a lot. Tough Mudder, Rock and Roll Races, etc.

2- Facebook- Like them on the good ol Book. Just recently I noticed one of the races I am doing (Firefly Run) giving a discount off if you use a code. Another race (5k Foam Fest) I was thinking about became a done deal when I realized they too had a coupon code.

3- Check out the races website! I am going to sign up for this race & I can get 10$ off $ plus a free race T-Shirt. Had I not gone to their website I would never have known!

4- Check out daily deal sites. I know this gal got a deal on a race by checking out Schwaggle. I googled it and low and behold there was a race at 53% off the normal cost. Lately I have seen tons of deal on these sites too: Living Social & my fav Groupon ( who happens to have one for an adventure race right now in Phx).

5- Plan out your race calendar. Stick to it & preregister for each race at the earliest & cheapest time. I actually have my race calendar on my race page. I even wrote down the dates I MUST register by for the lowest price! Doing this can save me lots of money, to do other things like travel, hike & do other bucket list items!

6-This is by far the most time consuming, but the most lucrative. VOLUNTEER! I just volunteered for 4peaksracing with the promise of a free race entry. The offer was to volunteer then run, but since I am not race ready I asked to do it another time.  One of my races I plan to do is run by them so maybe I will pick that one!

Race organizations that give you something if you help out include: 4 peaks racing (like them on Facebook and email them for more information), Aravaipa Running: they give you a discount if you volunteer, I think I got half off or something close to that last year. I did it several times, they too let you volunteer then run, at least they did last year. Arizona Road Racers: never volunteered for them, but have run tons of races with them. Great group!!! They are similar to Aravaipa in how they reward you with free races, you can volunteer and run here too!  If there are any others you know of, please leave a comment and I will add them!

As you can see there are a lot of ways to race wisely and not spend it all! We all want to do every single race in the world, but doing it financially smart is key. At least for me (that rhymed..I’m a poet and didn’t even know it.

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3 Responses to Running Races is Going to Break the Bank

  1. Nicole W. says:

    I love all your tips and tricks for saving money on race entries! Thanks!! I really need to work on that – I am notorius for signing up right before a race and paying a crazy fee! Planning ahead is smart – and those coupon codes are genius!

  2. Jenni says:

    I saw that you were going to be doing the 5K Foam Fest in Phoenix…I am getting a team together for it, but am trying to find a coupon for everyone…where did you find yours?? Help!

  3. Erin says:

    I find Groupons for race events by googling the name of the event and the word groupon.
    Here’s one I did in San Antonio, it was more of a fun run, where our team was chasing down beer. We didn’t win, but we did hit all the “beer checkpoints”:) I got our entire team 1/2 price tickets simply by googling groupon +urbanbeerhunt. Works the same for any of the other coupon sites.

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