Rock N Roll Half Marathon Race Review

Overall I was really impressed with the race. I personally found that walking out of my hotel (NYNY) and down the street was a great idea. For me it was worth the few extra bucks. If it had been colder (like I expected) it would have been priceless! I pretty much followed everyone to the start then looked for bag drop off. Overall I found it pretty quick and everything went really smooth. After bag drop off I went to find my corral. I was in corral 16 but decided I wanted to move up closer. I don’t think I would have ever made it to corral 16 and it was easier to just jump into corral 10.

Having done PF Chang’s for years now, I have to say this corral start seemed to flow a lot better then PF Chang’s. Total thumbs up! I I got to the start and off we went.

vegas baby 133

The race course went down the then into the old Vegas. I lived there for 16 years and I don’t think I even ever saw this area.  The race went through the Fremont experience area just a tinge, then back on the street.

vegas baby 129

It was mad crowded in the corrals but once the race started to go, it was perfect. I never felt sufficated by all the people. 

vegas baby 141

There were tons of bathrooms on the course. But I DIDN’T have to use ANY of them! As you can see they had mile markers with times. I saw markers at most miles, but missed them from mile 3-6. They might have been there, and I just missed them. 

vegas baby 137

Water was hit and miss. I actually got thirsty. They had tons of water going down the strip, none that I recall in the downtown area, then you got a few, but when you were coming back down the strip for the home stretch they were hit or miss. I think they ran out but I didn’t get any water from mile 10 on. I was totally thirsty!

If you run this race:

Weather: Vegas is oddly enough cold! This was out of the norm. When I would live there, it would actually get FREEZING! I live in Arizona now, and they are not the same! Bring clothes to toss for weather in the 20-30’s. You will love me. If the weather is above 50 when you wake up race morning you are LUCKY! I had brought tons of winter wear to toss but didn’t need it. I wore pants and a tank, and a long sleeve shirt. I was fine when I was running, but got chilled when I was finished.

Course Support: They had enough going down the strip but I felt they were running low by the time I turned around (mile 10). I might have missed it but I didn’t see anything. Trust me I wasn’t going fast enough that I would have missed it. At mile 9ish they had Gu gels. I had my own, so I didn’t take any.

Eats: They had Snickers power bars, bananas, bagels, pretzels, water and cytomax.

Restrooms: They had this down! Tons at the start/finish and plenty on the course.

The course: I actually loved the course. Totally one you can PR on. I did! It was flat and fast. Pretty scenic as you get to see the strip without any cars. Great for taking pictures! Many runners would stop and have a spectator take their picture. :)

I enjoyed this race, but I don’t know if I would do it again. I may if my friends go, but it’s a maybe, only cause I would rather spend my money on doing a race I have not done before. I had thought I would do the full marathon, but I don’t think I could finish it in the time limit. And I have heard it is VERY boring!

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